The Whistletrip

Explorer Spirit. Whistlestop Pace.

How It All Began

Sunrise over the temples of Bagan, in Myanmar © The Whistletrip

Exploratory trips.  At whistlestop pace.  Curiosity combined with comfort.  These are Whistletrips.

The Whistletripper has spent 20 years testing the world’s hostels, luxury resorts, rickety public transport, swanky airline lounges, street food carts and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.

While for much of that time, simultaneously holding down a “regular” (read: “vacation constrained”) job.

The Whistletripper – and her like-minded friends – graduated from month-long backpacking expeditions to one-week vacations squeezed into corporate work calendars.

Wanting to keep the thrill of independent adventures, but needing the occasional guide, Uber and upscale hotel to pack in some R&R.

The Whistletrip is a collection of shorter-than-fortnight itineraries, weekend getaways, and neighborhood gems that have made scratching the backpacker itch possible.

These recount actual experiences rather than offer detailed travel guides.  What we did, what we missed, what we loved, and what we would never recommend.

For friends of The Whistletrip, we even help you book amazing homes you will never find on Airbnb.

Long live the explorer spirit!  Even in that “regular job”.