We have all done it.  Slow-walked past or just downright stared into the windows of that jaw-dropping home.  Wondering who on earth lives there.  And what is it like inside?

Airbnb and select luxury rental agencies have made finding out more possible than it was before.

But many owners of properties with unique features – quirks they love and renovations they have poured their hearts into – cannot bring themselves to let complete strangers into their homes.

No matter how much they would prefer to rent out than let a gem stand empty.

The Whistletrip has friends with just those sorts of stunning heart-and-soul properties.

The Whistletrip also has friends who would love to vacation in them – and would never be considered mere strangers.

So the Rent: Perfect Properties section is here to bring these friends-of-friends together.

Check out the beautiful homes available for vacation rental – from a luxury ski chalet in Klosters to a 19-acre private estate in the English countryside.  For more details on how to book – or list your special home – simply email contact@thewhistletrip.com.